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Horizontal and Low Angle Screens, Scalpers and Dewaterers
  The versatile HRI screen design lends itself to a broad range of configurations. Suitable for horizontal and low angle installation, these screens can help to reduce conveyor heights, provide room for taller feed hoppers or can be installed where existing headroom is at a premium.

  HRI vibrators impart a three-way motion to the screen with horizontal, vertical and elliptical components providing high capacity, fast conveying and sharper sizing. The standard HRI range for medium and heavy-duty applications offers single, double and triple deck configurations from 1000 mm wide x 3600 mm long to 2500 mm wide x 7200 mm long. For extra heavy duty requirements, VX and VXX perforated plate decks and grizzly bar decks combine with standard or custom built screens to match the toughest operational requirements.
The development of dewaterers was pioneered by HRI for the removal of surface moisture to enhance product quality. The Company´s experince includes the processing of materials ranging from metalic ores, crushed stone and slag to coal, potash, rock salt and wood chips. HRI dewaterers also find specific application in pre-wetting, desliming and rinsing filtration media.

HRI Vibrators
HRI vibrators have a worldwide reputation for unmatched reliability and long life yet require only minimal servicing. Their simple design and use of the highest quality materials ensures that HRI screens keep working productively through years of continuous use with minimum down-time.

Producing the elliptical motion, two contra-rotating, eccentric shafts avoid the need for cumbersome counterweights and minimise shaft flexing during operation. The shafts are synchronized with wide-faced, single-helical gears precision cut from heat treated steel. This design distributes stresses very effectively promoting smooth operation under the heaviest loading.